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Platform for handle confidential documents and data

e-Boks is a digital provider of documents and is the sole provider of public digital documents to both private citizens and businesses in Denmark. We are hired to facilitate an on-going development and innovation process with quarterly innovation releases of the app.

The problem: e-boks deliver state of the art information sharing of digital mail between companies and individuals. e-boks wanted to create a mobile solution, that could surpass users expectations and to be able to deliver confidential digital post on the go. A higher opening rate of the digital mail, would at the same time strengthen the relationship between e-boks and the companies that utilise their service.

The solution: An iOS and an Android app with easy and quick login through fingerprint recognition, the user quickly gets an overview of their digital mail, and see which personal and confidential data is uploaded in a safe environment. 

The result:Result: More than 50% of all sessions are happening online in the e-boks universe today, and with more than 5 million Danish users having dialogue with 600k+ companies, the app has become a cornerstone in the e-boks business model.




Butterknife, Picasso, OKHTTP, Mockito, Kingfisher, Codemine, Serpent, NStackSDK, Alamofire


E-Boks API

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