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Guarantee quality
before and after launch

Quality Assurance & Maintenance

Stable and reliable software is heavily tested. That is why Quality Assurance is an integrated and required part of the Nodes development lifecycle. Testing is done on different psychical devices by real people through a structured process.


Test strategy

Release / Sign off process
Level of test details
Selection of methods
Client participation level


Strict testing

User Acceptance Testing
Multi device testing
“Done” alignment


Explorative testing

+100 test devices
Connectivity testing
Breaking test patterns
Finding the odd scenario


Implementation testing

Minimize technical debt
Integrated part of Sprints
Faster completion of features
API & System testing

We are meticulous about quality assurance and high service levels.

Our clients expect software that works for the end user, that’s why we put Quality Assurance high on the agenda. We work in strategic test phases with a flexible testing suit to accommodate your project, deployment and release.

Rely on us testing your project for high end user satisfaction, and to ensure a seamless experience for your customers.

Talk to our experts. They are here to help.

“Our estimations are made with a minimum of 15% of the development budget for Quality Assurance. This ensures that all clients projects come out almost bug free.”

Peter Bødskov

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